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Stott’s College founded in 1883, it has 135 years of high-quality private teaching experience. Stott’s has delivered the VCE program since 2001, and in 2006 was registered and accredited as a Higher Education provider to deliver Undergraduate Programs in Business, Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Business (Accounting). Stott’s College is from Melbourne. Recently, apart from Melbourne campus, there are other two campus in Perth and Sydeny.

The teaching idea of Stott’s College is connecting teaching with practice. It has built good relationship with many companies. Scott’s remains true to its tradition of job-ready graduates, and Acknowledge Education has employed their graduated in different industries like business and accounting.

Course Introduction

The Bachelor of Business course is designed to give you a solid foundation in business disciplines, ensuring you will be able to develop the skills to analyse and solve contemporary business problems when working in organisation or managing your own businessA rewarding career – professionally and financially – awaits you upon completion of your Bachelor of Business at Stott’s College.

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Course Name: Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Course Length: 3 years, 2 semester/year

Intakes: March / July

Course Type: Full-time

Course Fee:

Normal Course Fee

$8,300 *2 Semester =$16,600/year

($2,075/unit, 4 units in one semester)

Total: $16,600*3years=$49,800

Bachelor of Business Favourable fee

If students complete Advanced of business Diploma and then continue study Bachelor of Business, he/she can transfer credit to Bachelor of Business. It means the three years course ( Bachelor of Business) will be reduced to two years.

Advanced Diploma of Business: $8,000/year

Bachelor of Business: $16,600/year

Total: $8,000*1year+$16,600*2years=$41,200

Other Advantages:

1. Having an international recognized Bachelor Degree

2. Possible to get 2 year 485 post study work visa

GEA have free assistant for you application and Visa Also we provide free migration consultation for our student.

We are qualified Education Agent and Migration agent with over 10 years experience in the industry.

Contact us if you need further detail!!

Office:0861615313 (Office hours - Monday to Friday 10AM - 6PM)

Mobile:0422298712 (Martin)

Brand New Campus!

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