Murdoch University 20% Scholarship

Murdoch are now offering 20% scholarship of full course duration - only for Semester 1 2018!


1. International Full Fee Stduent

2. Starting your course at Murdoch Sem 1 2018

3. Apply Bachelor/Master degree

Why GEA?

GEA is registered agent of Murdoch univeristy

1. Free assistant for your application

2. Quick reponse from univeristy

3. Free visa extendion service

4. Free migration advise from our migraiton agent

What you needed to do?

1. Contact us and plan your study

2. Submit univeristy application with relevant document.

3. Received your offer

4. Acceptanced of place

5. Received ECOE from univeristy

6. Submit visa application

7. Wait for visa application outcome

Contact us

Telephone: +61 8 6161 5313 (Mon- Friday 10:30 - 6PM)



*Kindly noted term and condition applied, please contact us or Murdoch Univeristy for further detail.

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